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An easy going day to start the week off right – starting with a run and good eats all day! Since I was out of town all weekend, the fridge was not prepped for the week and I was left scrambling for whatever I could in the morning! Oh well, a quick trip to the store in the evening should fix that for the week!

[workout] I really wanted to get in a little interval workout before meeting up with Angie for a more steady, easy run… So I headed out 45 minutes before our meet up. I was able to get 4 of the 6 intervals completed before meeting up! Getting any of these more stressful workouts in before our more relaxed run is excellent! Less to think about… 10.5 total miles

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Scene 1 : car slows down next to runner; "Hey, I like your lights!" "Thanks." "I can really see you out there!" "Thanks!" "I like it!" Drives away… • Scene 2 : talking about hydration packs with Angie, the sidewalk jumps out in front of me, grabs my legs, and bear wrestles me to the ground! Sore hands, knees, shoulder, and hip… • Lessons learned : never a dull morning run! . . . . . #garminrocks #runningmoms #FitFluential #sweatpink #oisellevolée #fitfam #runhappy #HSHIVE #werunsocial #upformore #nuunhydration #2016in2016 #runtheyear2016 #7chicksandadude #amerithonchallenge #ffcheckin #beatyesterday #gotoshoe #thankyourunning #brooksrunning #run #runner #irun #runnerscommunity #motherrunner #womensrunning #ShokzSquad #womensrunningcommunity #fitmomstrongmom #irun4aidennicole

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[breakfast] Muscle Milk

I was in an event bigger hurry this morning than usual…not sure why. I was sure glad to see that I still had one Muscle Milk in the fridge to grab-and-go!! Non-dairy, no sugar, high protein = WIN!


[morning snack] large banana + almond butter

This snack combo has been my go-to morning snack for a little while now. Most mornings, I run…and the banana really helps pick me up! A sweet treat for sure!


[lunch] Which Wich Lettucewich + turkey + veggies

Since I have a little birthday money and didn’t make it out of the house with any lunch options, I decided to order Which Wich online. Turkey Lettucewich with LOTS of veggies is my JAM!! Love it! 


[afternoon snack #1] medium apple + almond butter (must have staple at work and home!)

My go-to afternoon sweet tooth suppressant 🙂


[dinner] egg whites + guacamole + homegrown tomato + mango

Most of my dinner was actually snacks that I took to work and just didn’t eat…so I put it all to good use 🙂 Little man ate about the same, but he also had a bowl of vanilla yogurt, half my mango, a hard boiled egg, and a chocolate chip cookie – he is a bottomless pit these days (2-3 dinners in the evening…)

I am in another Challenge group this month, which is always exciting! I enjoy the added motivation and support to keep on track to my goals! Check out my image posted to the group for today 🙂 #TeamBrave #chargers


Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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