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Epsoak Sport | Review

Disclaimer: I received SF Salf Company Epsoak Sport to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro, and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I am always looking for ways to improve my recovery so I can get back out on the road sooner. I love running and doing too much can cause a lot of problems over time. Proper recovery is key! In the past, I have posted about products (like Earth’s Care Pain Relieving Ointment) and Tools & Tricks that I use to help me recover faster.

While I have used Epsom salt baths in the past, Epsoak Sport is a new product to add to my recovery tools. Epsom salts are great for decreasing muscle soreness after hard workouts and help reduce inflammation. Epsoak Sport has just a little something more to help get the job done!

SF Salt Co – Epsoak Sport

Epsoak Sport Energizing Epsom Salt is an Epsom salt bath with high quality essential oils to help relieve muscle soreness and promote recovery after a long day at work or hard workout.

The Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil in the Energizing blend add several benefits to the standard Epsom salt treatment – including sore muscle recovery and anti-microbial properties. The Peppermint Oil helps boost energy and is naturally energizing while the Eucalyptus Oil helps remove odor. 

I am not someone that has a lot of time to spend taking baths, let alone spending 15-20+ minutes in an Epsom salt bath! I love that I can just add a scoop of Epsoak Sport in warm water and just soak my sore feet. Just the little time sitting down gives me some much needed relief! 

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How to use Epsoak Sport :

Add two scoopfuls (scoop included – but you may have to dig deep to find it) to a warm running bath or one scoopful to a foot bath. 

Pro Tip : For maximum sports therapy, use 4 scoopfuls.

Shelf Life: 6-12 months. Store in sealed bag or container in a cool, dry place.

While I had EVERY intention of taking a full Epsoak Sport bath, it just didn’t happen until the day after Christmas… The little man was in KC with the grandparents for the week and I had an entire day to myself! I went for a nice long 15 mile jaunt…and I was finally able to enjoy a relaxing, yet ENERGIZING bath upon my return! No screaming little man…no time constraints to worry about…just me and the tub…and my cell phone 🙂

The energizing Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils really perked up my senses! After a long, draining run, the peppermint-pick-me-up was just what I needed!


Epsoak Sport is not only great for soaking your sore feet and muscles, there are several other ways to take advantage of the healing power of Epsom salts! Check out Epsoak Sport’s webpage for some great ideas! These are a couple of my go-to Epsom salt scrub “recipes” : 

Removing dry skin – Use the dry Epsoak Sport salt and massage into freshly bathed skin. This helps remove dead skin on the surface – and then rinse off with cool water. The Peppermint Oil also leaves a nice, cooling feeling on your skin – bonus!

Make your own salt scrub – For an invigorating facial/skin scrub, mix Epsoak Sport with your cleanser for an energizing effect for your skin and senses! My skin felt tighter from the peppermint oil (just avoid your eye area). 

Ready for something extra special?! You can use the discount code “RAVE10” for 10% off Epsoak SPORT 5lb bags in all scents! Check out more of SF Salt Company on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more salt and Epsom salt products and recovery inspiration!

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