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Yeah yeah yeah…I have missed posting for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean that this weeks Weekend Happenings is not going to be HUGE. Just my last 3 weekends in pictures 🙂 

Two of the last three weekends have been slow and without too much excitement. This past weekend is the only one that I will dig into deeply 🙂 Enjoy my family!

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December 9th-11th

A lazy weekend at home – bad weather kept me from wanting to get out much. Saturday morning, we went to the Pancake Feed and then stayed warm at home the rest of the weekend! (pictures have captions for ease of perusing)…

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December 16th-18th

Another warm, lazy weekend at home – bad weather kept me from wanting to get out any more than I needed to. It snowed all day Saturday and the roads were yuck – so we decided not to drive back to KC for the family Christmas. But after the Chiefs game on Sunday, the hubs came home and wanted to go to KC anyway! So we spent 4 hours (total) on the road to spend a couple hours with family! (pictures have captions for ease of perusing)…

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December 22nd-25th

Due to the holiday and weird days off work, we headed back to KC after work on the 23rd and we had our family Christmas at home on the 22nd.

My favorite reaction to Christmas presents was for the baseball glove! When the hubs told little man that it was to play catch with, little man eagerly raced across the room to then throw the glove back at the hubs…CATCH! LOL! Not quite…but at least he has part of the concept!

Friday wasn’t all that different than most – running, working, eating, and what have you. The only difference was that I was also packing up to go back home for the weekend – and I needed to pack little man extra clothes because he was then going to spend the following week with his grandparents (Merry Christmas!!)

Saturday was full of Christmas Eve excitement! Little man was up early – we had some breakfast, played with Papa, and hit up Bass Pro by 11 am to meet up with Santa!

Bass Pro is always a good time, even without Santa! There was a lot to see and do in Santa’s workshop. We made a house, played with other little kids, saw some reindeer, talked to the Big Man, wandered around all the ATVs, gave a high five to a bear, talked to the ducks, played with the fish, and then headed home!

The remainder of the day was spent eating lunch, napping, going to Costco, taking bubble baths, opening presents early, a Christmas shrimp dinner, Christmas Eve church service, and Christmas PJs 🙂

The only thing odd about this weekend was that I didn’t get out and run at all. By the time I would get up in the morning, someone else would be up and wanting to talk and/or hang out…or at least that is my excuse (and I am sticking to it!!). I enjoyed eating some less than healthy stuff and spending time with family 🙂 We started the day with Christmas with Nana, Papa, and Jake.

After some breakfast and relaxation time, we headed out to meet up with my parents and siblings for lunch. We met up at Perkins, one of the few restaurants open on Christmas day. Dad went and picked up mom from assisted living and they went to church, then they picked up my brother on their way through town. My sister, her boyfriend, Syd, and then new baby came as well! I am not sure that the hubs has held a baby since little man…but it was sure cute 🙂 We ate lunch, hung around and talked, and then we ordered a pie to share! All in all, it was a good lunch with great conversation 🙂

The rest of the day was spent napping and relaxing before the Chiefs game that evening. I went to bed early because the hubs and I were going to hit the road EARLY Monday morning. I had Monday off work (in observance of the holiday) but the hubs needed to work. Bleh…


How was your holiday weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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