My Guy | Valentines Day

In light of Valentines Day, I found a survey on my significant other 🙂 I am sure my comments will spark some conversation at home tonight…but here we go!!


Who’s oldest?  I am – and he is always sure to point that out on my birthday!!

Who was interested first?  I think me… I met Matt around Halloween time at his birthday party but he didn’t remember meeting me. When we hung out with a mutual friend over Thanksgiving break, I asked him how his birthday was and he was quite puzzled – HA! I mentioned that we met several weeks before and we chatted up the rest of the night, made friends with a stray cat, someone asked to exchange numbers,… and the rest is history!

Same high school?  No. But our families live 6 miles apart in the same city – who knew?!

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Most sensitive?  Me? I’m not sure…

Worst temper? Matt. I think that when there is a disagreement, there is ALWAYS an underlying stressful thing happening that the other isn’t picking up on – and he would probably say that I have a bad temper too…

More social?  Matt – for sure! He is quite the social butterfly and is everybody’s friend! I would rather stay on the sidelines most of the time…unless it has something to do with running 🙂

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Hardest working? This is all relative… I would say hardest working one is Matt – long work hours, not many days off, bringing home the bacon. I also work a full-time job and then I get to deal with all the home stuff and kiddo… 

More sarcastic?  …probably me. I feel like I am always saying something off the wall…and he just goes with it 🙂

Who makes the most mess?  Me. I can admit it…and it will forever be held over my head 🙂

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Wakes up first?  Me! Always…unless it is his day off and he is going hunting…

Bigger family?  I believe our family sizes are about the same…but when it comes to family events, his family seems to pile into the house 🙂 

Who cooks the most?  I cook the most… (see question below)

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Who cries the most?  Neither of us are big criers – but I’m sure I cry more.

Better singer?  Matt.

Hogs the remote?  …if we can find the remote, I usually know where it is. 

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Better driver?  …both! 

Better cook?  Matt 🙂 While I cook more, there are more, less-edible mystery items to choose from- HA! I love most everything Matt cooks – even his experiments!

Most patient?  Me. For sure.

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Happy Valentines Day!!

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