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bring on some trails | weekly workouts

While I wasn’t able to hit the trails as much as I would have liked, I found a few miles off the road : ) 

weekly workouts (nov13)

Monday- OFF

Tuesday- miles 5K
A great morning run with Ang and Paisley – and Paisley’s longest run this fall (so far!)! I am hoping that I can keep her running with me through some of the colder months : )

Also, little man and I wanted to go to the group run in the evening – so we did!

Wednesday-4 miles
The morning alarms came too early today…falling asleep watching Stranger Things wasn’t the best idea either. Oh well, rise and grind!

Thursday-miles 5 miles
Staying up late again last night made me a zombie this morning…and the cold temps made it that much harder to get out of bed. Well, that stinks. 

On the plus side, the estimated high temps (as of 7 am) is going to be 60 degrees! So I am packing up my lunch run bag for an afternoon jaunt! 

Friday-miles 4 miles
Today is the type of day I could run all day…too bad I have to work. It started in the 60s (a little on the humid side and misty) – perfect. But I opted for another lunch run – in the 70s. SAY WHA?! Mother Nature, you are crazy…but I like this side of crazy (and not the colder side)!

Saturday- 8 miles None…
Well, the weather had different plans for me today…a cold mist/rain was not something that I wanted to experience. With watching an additional little one this weekend, I need some extra coffee to get through the day without the post-run energy…

Sunday- 8-14 miles (I’ll take anything really…)
After the hubs got home late on Saturday, my body decided it was better for me to just sleep. I was fine with it since I needed to keep all the energy I could for the day. After the little one was picked up by her dad, little man and I went out for a run! I let him be the guide and he really took us far…or at least farther than I have taken him in the stroller for a while. We ended up by campus, so since I knew where the hubs was hanging out, I just told him to sit tight so we could catch a ride home.

Once I was home, little man and the hubs went to get some dinner – and I hit the road again. After 6 miles, I was home again and ready to unwind with the family.

Weekly Miles : 34 miles
2000 / 2,017 miles in 2017

Medal earned

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

With a couple days off this coming week, my miles may be more than anticipated…bring on a couple warm days!

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- miles
Saturday- 12 miles
Sunday- 8 miles

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
recap via @livinglovingrun & other #linkups!
https://ctt.ec/A68Uc+ #bibchat #runchat

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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4 thoughts on “bring on some trails | weekly workouts

  1. Your weekly distances always inspire me – I get bored of my run after about 3 miles and can often stretch it to 5 miles, but after that I’m done. I just want to go home and hang with my family 🙂


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