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Run Toto Run 50K w7 | training for 100M

This week has been a mix bag of weather and life events. Stress isn’t good for anyone or anything, but running helps… 

weekly workouts : week 7 (jan 8)

Monday- OFF 3.5 miles
When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When January hands you 3 50-60 degree days, YOU RUN WITH IT! Yeah…I went for a run on my day off. Shoot me. (please don’t)

I couldn’t help it!! The weather for today, tomorrow, and Wednesday are going to start near freezing and then be amazing in the afternoon… Just wait, the repercussion will fall on Thursday when I need the most mid-week miles this cycle…

Tuesday- miles
Today’s weather was just amazing…that is all.

Wednesday-miles 5.3 mile run + 0.65 mile walk
While I planned on getting a couple of miles before work, it just didn’t happen. I went for a lunch interval run, and then took little man and the pup out for a walk before/as the sun went down : )

Thursday-miles 6 miles
With the cards stacked against this run, I prepared as much as I could the night before (even a little too much – notice the jacket around my waist) and woke up to find sleet/hail/snow coming down. The roads/sidewalks weren’t all that slick and the freezing chill hadn’t set in too bad yet. it is going to be a snowy one today!

While today seem fairly uneventful (run, prep, work, etc) – little man had other plans.

After work and picking him up from daycare, I decided that we needed a couple things from the store. We headed off to Aldi. As always, he really wanted to hold the quarter – so I let him, per usual. But when we walked up to the carts, there were several carts at the front with quarters in them already – so we we used one for free. Little man was happy to keep his quarter. Once we got into the store, he proceeded to drop the quarter several times and become frustrated. I told him to just put the coin in his pocket – which he did. Over the next 15 minutes or so of walking around the store, he refused (or at least didn’t respond to me when I asked several MANY times) to remove his hands from his pockets…

What’s the problem with his hands in his pockets you ask?

Well, when turning a corner in THE LAST ISLE BEFORE CHECKING OUT, he goes a little too fast, slips and does a header into the bottom shelf of the isle – yep, hands in pockets and cannot catch his fall… Blood. Gushing. Everywhere. The worker in the isle looks like a deer in a headlight trance seeing it happen and I was able to quickly ask her to bring me some tissues to contain the mess. SOMEHOW, I keep my calm through it all and I was able to get a box of tissues from the worker, keep the blood relatively contained, calm down the screaming child after 10 minutes of sitting on the floor with our chins in the air, clean up the blood all over my hands and his face, walk around a little more to be sure he was calmed down, and make it out of the store without losing my shit cool… #majormompoints

I am not saying that I didn’t relive that crash and burn like a bad movie in my head several times through the evening and break down crying in a mini panic attack a couple times…because I did.

This was lesson number 2 in STOP, TALK, LISTEN with little man. This is just the second time (this year) that his action/my reaction has been a little flawed and resulted in him bleeding… I know little boys get hurt, but I would just like a little time without needing to put medicine on an owies…

While I had my winter weather clothes ready for me in the dryer, I just didn’t have the push to get up and out the door today. I have been nursing a head cold or something for a little while now and with the news of healthy people dying from the flu has me a little spooked. I don’t think that I have the flu – but I know that my body needs just a little rest this morning.

Tomorrow is a big run…possibly broken into chunks. Some miles outside because I need around 5 miles to finish the 40|80 Lulu challenge. And some inside because it will barely be above 0*F – hello winter!

Saturday-20 miles

PlanRun 4-5 miles to the gym, Run 10-12 miles on the treadmill at the gym, Run 4-5 miles back home

ExecutionGet a ride to the gym, Run 16 miles on the treadmill, Run 4 miles home

Sunday- 10 miles 6 miles
I wasn’t sure how this run (or any miles frankly) was going to happen. A “girls weekend” with come college pals on Saturday night sure made it a little more interesting! I didn’t fell all that bad Sunday morning, but my motivation was zapped at the gym… I ran 6 miles on the treadmill but really wanted to get outside to finish the last 4. i headed home to NOT go outside the rest of the day… Oh well. At least I was able to get a few of the miles in! #ifyoudidnttakeapictureitdidnthappen #whoops

Weekly Miles : 42 miles
Training Miles : 265 miles
Annual Miles : 85 miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018)

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Finally! I knew a down week in miles was coming!! Last down week until the taper…oh boy! I should probably sign up for the race, huh… *facepalm*

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- miles
Saturday-10 miles
Sunday- miles

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
recap via @livinglovingrun & other #linkups!
https://ctt.ec/A68Uc+ #bibchat #runchat

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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6 thoughts on “Run Toto Run 50K w7 | training for 100M

  1. Sixteen miles on a treadmill is hard core! I’m glad your little one didn’t need stitches. My youngest slipped on wet stairs in kindergarten and caught the edge of one on his cheekbone. Sometimes, stuff just happens. His cheek popped opened and looked like a big bunch of cauliflower. Stitches it was. Thanks for linking!

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