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Another week [almost] bites the dust! Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!


The weather this week has left us guessing if spring will stick around for long… So I guess there is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂

But first…Image result for run meme

Let’s go for a run 🙂

…or ride…


100 trail running miles for me…

As you should know by now (since I shout it from the rooftops from time to time) that I finally started my 100m training cycle! 

While I have been excited and READY to start training, the start to this week hasn’t felt that great and I am a little worried that I will not be able to get in all the miles… I feel like these are logical and normal thoughts for someones first 100 miler – please let me know if I am wrong…


Soooo…after watching the Godspeed documentary a few weeks ago, the hubs was inspired to purchase a bike. While I typically make him sit on his grand ideas for a few days (or even weeks) before giving the “okay, I am okay with this decision”, I went ahead and approved.

Now that said bike has been purchased, the [almost] daily riding has commenced! I am happy to report that the hubs is utterly hooked [and a little addicted] to riding his bike. We went for a little ride on our day off last week and I think we both had a great time!

Don’t let him flipping me off defer you from thinking that we had an enjoyable day…ha!


Now that we both have our fitness outlets (running for me, biking/cycling for him), how do we stay motivated?

For me, I am training this summer for the 100m in September.

For him,…he has decided that he wants to go BIG.

how many miles?!

He has decided to go from couch to century ride! I am ALL ABOUT big goals, but WOAH! Does this seem like a lot of miles to anyone else?

How can I think that I will complete 100 miles on foot and then somehow think that riding 100 miles is intimidating??

Image result for 100 milesI don’t understand my brain either…

It might just be because I have been running for a while…a long while. So I have built up years of running experiences for me to want to attempt the 100 mile distance…

Going from nothing to 100 miles on a bike in a matter of a couple months feels like a lot – but he is totally up to the task! I believe he is shooting for an assisted solo ride or supported event to ride by the end of the year – bring on the miles!

one step pedal push at a time

Now that we both have 100m goals, it is time to make smaller goals along the way! He has :

  • started his training plan as of this week ✔️ 
  • had his first accident on the bike (similar to below, over the handlebars style) ✔️ 
  • signed up for a 50m race ✔️ 


Productive start!

Tour De Bier

After much deliberation about timing and race distance, the hubs first cycling race is the Tour De Bier in KC in 3 weeks! Cycle time and beer drinking – there couldn’t be a better match for him! Since I planned on being at his first event, I signed up to volunteer  ♥

At least I can give him a ride home after all that cycling…and beer drinking…

…brain fried.

After the exciting week of century talks and finally signing up for an event, my brain is fried. AND I’M NOT EVENT THE ONE RIDING THE RACE! Ha! 

I will be putting on a new hat in this process, the supporting spouse. The hubs has been the one filling these shoes the past couple years with my longer distance running schedule…and now we are working on fitting in BOTH of our training runs and rides. 

Bring on the fun!

Related image

Do you own a bike? Have you ever attempted a century ride?

What is your constructive (and helpful) advice for my rookie cycling hubs?

Do you and your significant other lead active lifestyles? How do you make it work (I am open to any and all suggestions)?

I’d love to hear from you!
Leave a comment and start a conversation!
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