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Hawk100 w12 + RnRChicago w6 | training for 100M

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After last week’s lower mileage, I am totally going to make up for it this week with some pretty rock-solid runs! [or at least this is how the week started,…]

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago is this coming weekend…and I am excited! Check out what I am planning to do while in the windy city! I am also a few [8] short weeks from my first 100 miler…and I am not stressing yet, I’ll save that for the taper weeks. 

weekly workouts : week 12 (july 9)

Scheduled : OFF
Actual : OFF

Since I shorted my long run last night, I was tempted to make up the last couple miles this morning…but I didn’t. I was awake-ish with enough time to get them in before heading into work early, but I just opted to lay in bed before getting little man around.

I have been looking for a used bike trailer on the buy-sell-trade groups on Facebook for a while…a long while. One popped up last night and I jumped [they don’t come up often or the seller doesn’t check their messages]. I picked up the bike/run trailer from a neighboring town before little man’s swim lessons… I attempted to get it set up to use tonight, but I proceeded in breaking my bike. Soooo, the hubs is going to fix it tomorrow…and I hope that I can soon ride around with little in tow!

Scheduled : 6 miles
Actual : 6 miles + 1

Alarms…not my friend this morning. But I managed to get in the miles before the heat set in for the day – not to mention the “heat warning” from 1pm today until 8pm Friday. That should make things interesting 🙂

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, twilight, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

I forgot that I had a running event planned this evening but the hubs was around to take little man to swim lessons. The event at MRC was fun! A Saucony rep brought some shoes for us to try and we went for a short run – highlighting running form and techniques. We didn’t go far, but it was still a good time!

Scheduled : 6 miles
Actual : 3.5 miles + 3.5 miles

No morning miles – just a not-so-happy hubs because my alarms every 15 minutes…

Rather, little man and I took the new stroller/bike trailer for a spin. I kept the air pump with us just in case we ended up with another flat…no time for that today. While the push-feel is a little wonky [hello – it is intended more to be a bike trailer], our run was great!

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Scheduled : 8 miles
Actual : 3.5 miles + 4.5 miles

Rather than running this morning, I went to work super early…planned another “run to swimming lessons” afternoon. The heat is fine at this time – and the lack of humidity is AMAZING. I am not completely transitioning to evening running, but it is tempting…

Scheduled : 6 miles
Actual : OFF

A busy, hot day led to a late run…and then it just didn’t happen. Whatevs…

Scheduled : 25 miles
Actual : 23 miles + 1.3 mile walk

I hit the trails today! Trails that are not the most forgiving, but a good effort in the heat! I was able to get in 23 of 25 miles before the thunderstorm rolled in. I would have totally in the rain, but not in the lightening. Little man and I went for a walk to stretch out our legs in the evening – I was hoping for 2 miles and we got 1.3 before meeting up with the family for dinner ♥

Scheduled : 25 miles
Actual : 9 miles + 16 miles

Every long run I have is planned for success – but then life can happen…and doesn’t always work out! I slept in longer than I expected to and as I started to get ready to run, little man asked me to come and eat bacon with him for breakfast. Who would pass that up?! So I had breakfast with the family and hoped it would digest fast…I headed out to run an hour or so later and the day warmed up fast. I was able to get in 9 miles before I heard from my dad about lunch plans – I aimed for 10, so I came close!

In the afternoon, I laid little man down for a nap and he wanted me to lay down with him “for a little bit.” So….3 hours later, we were up! I guess I needed a nap too! But I woke up tired…way more tired than when I laid down. So , I decided to stay in KC one more night – which opened up the opportunity to get in the rest of my run. After dinner, I hit the road to my parents house (my dad sets up an aid station for me) and then back. Yep, another super late run – starting out a little after 8pm and getting back just before midnight. A good day of miles!

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Weekly Miles : 72 miles
RnRChicago Miles : 375 miles
100m Training Miles : 711 miles
Annual Miles : 1360 miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018)

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Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
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How did your training week go?

What are you training for?

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