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TRE Influencer Program

Disclaimer: I took part in the TRE Influencer Program as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As a runner, I am always on the hunt for the next cool piece of gear! Last year, I heard about an expo style event called The Running Event (TRE). Just through their spotlight mailer, I was able to check out some new-to-me brands and even try some new products (on my own dime).

A couple months ago, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural TRE Influencer Program as a BibRave Pro. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and was accepted into the first year of the program!

What is TRE you ask? TRE is a massive 3-day conference where all running-related brands, retail stores, and events come together to reveal and explore the latest trends and developments in the running industry! Brands introduce their latest and greatest products (cutting edge shoe tech, new apparel, new hydration, innovative electronics, new brands – everything!) and retailers can plan for bringing these amazing new products to their stores.

Frankly I was both excited for the gear/swag and the downtime from life… I purchased my plane tickets the first week of October, before I knew that my dad would be having a stem cell transplant later in the month. The timing then worked out that my 24/7 caretaker position with my dad would end that Monday before, so my travel schedule wasn’t affected – but my personal life was hit a little more significantly. Being away from my family for the previous 2 weeks and then leaving again so soon didn’t go over well…but worked out in the end.

This is one LOADED post, so sit back and enjoy my time in Austin!


I left Manhattan EARLY Thursday morning heading to my in-laws in KC. I then left my car at their place and got a ride to the airport. My flight from MCI to ATL was at 7:10am with a short layover in ATL before heading to Austin!

A bathroom seflie is the best way to start a trip…and coffee. Sunrise in the clouds is perfect – and meeting new friends too!

Once I touched down in ATL, my phone started blowing up! All the BibRave Pros were messaging back and forth about who was on their flights, waiting on layovers, and making their ways to Austin! It was pretty exciting… I was able to meet up with Jessica in the airport between flights and we would see each other again SOON!

Before we knew it, we were back in the sky on our way to Austin! Like before, once my phone was in cell service again, my phone started buzzing and beeping. Many of the Pros had landed, heading out to lunch – and there was a group hanging at the airport (including my 3 roomies) waiting for the last of us to arrive. Once we were all accounted for, we headed to Moonshine.

My selfie skills on the left; Picture from Casey on the right

The amount of orange in the patio area made me soooo excited! It was like a family reunion – for real! Hugs for everyone! Even though I had only met a couple Pros in the TRE Influencer Program IRL (Teddy at local events and Erica a few years ago), it was like we have known each other for years! Lunch was amazing and the conversations were easy.

We decided to check into our hotel first and then head over to the Welcome Event and Zwift event. We left the hotel with plenty of time, so we decided to grab a few scooters and go find one of the famous murals on our way!

Once we got to the Hilton (the conference hotel), we hung around as all the BibRave Pros filtered in. The group of us “chosen ones” (VanessaBrendaChris and I) were let into the Welcome Party early to get an eye on the running set up and chat with the Zwift staff.

I took a picture with my Zwift Run Pod…but you can’t really see it – and then I had a selfie fail when someone opened the door and scared me!

I didn’t look around the room to see all the swag just hanging out on the sidelines…but it was an amazing surprise!!

Image may contain: shoes
Amazing gear in our swag bags from Brooks, CEP Compression, Vuori, Nuun, Vooray, Incrediwear, Altra, Handful, Addaday, Arcanum, and Zwift!
  • Brooks Running : Adrenaline GTS 19 ($130) & LSD Jacket ($105)
  • CEP Compression : 2 pair of performance socks ($60 each)
  • Vuori : OMNI Performance Shorts ($58)
  • Nuun : bottle ($7) and a variety of tubes ($7 each x 10 tubes)
  • Vooray : ACE Backpack ($40)
  • Incrediwear : 3 Sport Socks ($14-16 each) & Performance Capri ($70)
  • Altra Running : Escalante 1.5 ($130)
  • Handful : Y-Back Bra ($56) and Squeeze Play Legging ($70)
  • Addaday : Pro Massage Roller ($47)
  • Arcanum Edge : Sarco Freeze ($35), Sarco Breeze ($40), & The Quill ($50)
  • Zwift : Run Pod ($30)

Once I organized the amazing swag gear I received, it was time to hit the ‘mill! Chris and Vanessa started the group run first and Brenda and I were going to run the second half. While I was ready and willing to run the full 5K, I was glad that they broke it up.

Thank you Chris, Vanessa, Mark, and Meredith (and several more!!) for taking videos and pictures while Brenda and I ran! The excitement and cheering was amazing!
So much orange!! Love cheering on all the Pros that ran and fun getting to know everyone!

Once the run was over, we decided to meet up for dinner because the “food” at the event was minimal. And we were then told that we were invited to the Brooks after-party! Food – and great BBQ – was necessary! Because of all the gear that we were gifted, we decided to head back to the hotel to drop it all off before heading to dinner. My heart-rate was very thankful to take an easy walk back…I am not sure why it wasn’t coming down the way it usually does – probably all of the excitement!

Our amazing new Brooks jackets looked great at the Brooks after-party! Shining bright!!

First exciting sighting of the night – Des Liden! I wasn’t one of the few that caught her for a photo opp, but it was cool to just be at the same party!

The rest of our evening at the party was spent rocking out near the live band! We had a lot of fun dancing around and making fun of each other 🙂 Again, it was like we were long lost family!

Once our EARLY flight times and traveling caught up to us, we decided to head back to the hotel. The one-mile was nice and I haven’t laughed that much in a while 🙂


Late nights end with early morning wake up calls! We needed to be at the host hotel (around a mile away) by 6:30am. While we had plenty of time to walk, we opted to scooter!

We had the amazing photographer Larry Castillo followed us around on a scooter and took great shots! The next eight photos were from him following us around town…on a scooter!

Once our meeting at the capitol building was complete, a small group of us (not staying at the conference center hotel) headed back to get started on showers. Rather than running the mile back – we got scooters! Erica and Chris were new to the scooter game and we had a lot of fun riding back!

After a quick shower, we headed back to the convention center to start our TRE Influencer Day! After a little delay, we made our way to the expo floor and spent the next couple hours learning more about the products we received in our ultimate swag bag the night before (be sure to check out my TRE highlight stories on Instagram!)!

Out TRE Tour line-up : Vooray, Acranum, Incrediwear, CEP Compression, Vuori, Handful, Nuun Hydration, Addaday, Brooks Running, and Altra Running (we didn’t meet with Zwift crew a second time, but we met everyone the night before)

After out last meeting, we had the next couple hours to explore the expo! I was able to say hello and meet several companies that I have worn their gear for years and meet some new ones. I could have used more time to wander, but my filling backpack needed a breather.

After the TRE Influencer event, a small group of Pros walked on over to Burger Bar for some lunch – and lunch we did! Amazing burgers, great fries, and fin conversations! In reality, I have only met one of the BibRave Pros that came out to the event before this weekend, but we talked like we have known each other for years.

Image may contain: 9 people, including Vanessa Junkin, Chris McManus, Jessica Michelle Rudd, Stephanie Hoppe and Lindsey McRoberts, people smiling, shoes

After a walk back to the hotel to drop off our things, we headed out to explore Austin a little more. On our scooters, we eventually found our way over to Graffiti Park and had fun taking some crazy colorful pictures and enjoying the view of the city.

And the views didn’t disappoint either!

With the sun setting fast, we scootered along and made our way back to the hotel for Happy Hour (snacks and drinks) and then to dinner at House of the Rising Tuki-San (a suggestion made by a friend and vendor at the expo).

Image may contain: 8 people, including Lindsey McRoberts and Chris McManus, people smiling

While dinner itself was great, I had a minor family emergency come up that put me in a weird headspace the remainder of the evening. Overall, the day was GREAT and I knew that I was going to sleep well (with the help of Arcanum as well…)!


After a little breakfast, I was ready to catch my Lyft to the airport and start my trek back home! Good thing we were given the Vooray backpack as a park of the ultimate swag bag because it was put to GOOD use carrying my new gear back home.

While it is SO great to be back home, I had such a blast getting to meet fellow BibRave Pros I have only been able to interact with online! I cannot wait to see how the TRE Influencer Day evolves next year and I would love the opportunity to meet even more BibRave Pros next year!

I was in a group of 20 BibRave Pro ambassadors in the TRE Influencer Program. Be sure to check back on their blogs to see what they did while in Austin!

Jenna   Kim   Vanessa   Jenn   Nicole    Ryan    Angie   Brenda   Casey   Mai   Corey   Mark   Jessica   Meridith   Amy   Erica   Tedrick   Chris   Gina

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