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spring training | week 10-11

Somehow…when I was going through my training plan and workouts, I found that I missed YET ANOTHER week of training…so this week is full of double-week training posts. I can blame it on pregnancy brain…but I nearly posts what I thought was my week 10…but was really 11 and I hadn’t even thought about 10…ha!

I guess week 10 was just a non-existent week…because I hardly remember it…

But week 11 started HOT and I “tried” to make an effort to get out early in the day…which happened a couple days (including a race morning – the first of 2019), ha!

Week 11 ended with my first half marathon of 2019 and my first pregnant half marathon – which has been vaguely trained for… So I planned to attack the course a little differently than just “running it easy”. I PLANNED earlier in the week on running the intervals I have been training with (3min run, 1min walk) for the time my long run is planned for (2.5 hours roughly)…but we shall see what happened (read on below!).

I have some running plans for this spring and then in the fall…but we’ll see what all gets accomplished. I am not in complete control at this point – but here is what is on the calendar to this point :

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  • Kansas City Marathon (10/19/19) – run with me, any distance really, and save with the discount code BIBRAVE2019KCM – good for 15% off!
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While ALL of these plans are in my calendar, I have high hopes that this pregnancy will allow me to run to my heart (and legs) content! Let’s see how this week went!

weekly workouts : week 10

Scheduled : 45 minute run
Actual : 4 mile lunch run

I am all about getting a little trail time in the afternoon – but it is starting to warm up fast! I wish spring didn’t last a week between freezing winter temps and blasting summer temps…

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Scheduled : “rest” day
Actual : 2 mile walk + 1 mile walk

Another slow start to the day, but I was able to get out for a 2-mile walk over my lunch break. The little man and I walked to and from his track & field clinic for an evening mile.

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Wednesday – Thursday
Scheduled : (W) interval run + (T) yoga
Actual : OFF

Scheduled : “cross training”
Actual : 2.25 mile run

Scheduled : 2hr 20min run
Actual : 5 mile run

While not what was planned or impressive, I was able to break through my 4 mile max (mostly out of necessity of only an hour long lunch break in the day) longish run… I would have tried for a couple more, but I wanted to be home so the hubs had time to ride his bike to work. He didn’t end up riding…which is okay, but I wish I would have tried for a couple more at that point… Oh well!

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Scheduled : “pilates”
Actual : OFF — I am not sure why there is so much “scheduled variety” in this training plan. I don’t regularly do yoga, swim, or pilates…so those days are interesting to see planned. ha!

weekly workouts : week 11

Scheduled : 45 minute run
Actual : 4 mile lunch run + 5 mile ride

I hit the trail over lunch and got 4 miles! Once we got home for the evening, I decided to take the bike trailer for it’s first ride…went well (other than my sore crotch).

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Scheduled : yoga
Actual : 3 mile morning run + 3 mile evening walk

I was able to get out of bed early enough to take the pup for a morning run. Little man and I walked to his track & field clinic down the road (0.5mi) and then I walked around the track while he ran/jumped/threw before walking the same trek home (0.5mi). Productive day!

Scheduled : 34 minute interval run
Actual : OFF — I wanted to get out for a lunch run or walk but it just didn’t happen…

Scheduled : “swim” or rest
Actual : 2 mile walk — Over lunch, I walked to the pharmacy in the chilly wind to pick up a couple prescriptions that have been waiting on me for a bit… I guess that’s what I get for not getting out for a run this morning when the weather was a little more kind…

Scheduled : “cross training”
Actual : OFF — Busy day at work followed by driving to KC to make it to the Garmin Marathon expo before closing. I then spent some time with family before heading off to bed!

Scheduled : 2hr 20min run – Garmin Half Marathon (supported, good-effort long run)
Actual : 1 mile walk + Garmin Half Marathon (2hr 20min run/walk intervals, then walk to the finish)

All things considered, the Garmin Half Marathon went pretty much exactly as I expected. I knew that it was going to be tough due to my lack of long run workouts…but I went in with a plan (see above). Overall, I am comfortable with the effort I put in and happy with the results. There are a couple things I am going to work on over the next 6-7 weeks to prepare for my last races of the pre-baby-number-2 timeframe…so here’s to it!

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people

Scheduled : yoga
Actual : OFF — Mostly just cleaning up the house and fixing up my messes in the garage; sort of counts as a workout 😉

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout 
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 How did your training week go?
What are you training for?
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