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my race sponsor is better than yours | Clif Family Winery

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While I am not traveling to California to take part in the Napa Valley Marathon weekend, I was sent an amazing gift from one of the amazing sponsors — Clif Family Winery.

Not every race has such generous sponsors, so I was interested to see what Clif Family Winery sent!

Bottle of wine — The Climber; saving for a special occasion later this spring

Organic Rosemary Roasted Almonds & Pistachios; a great midday snack

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

Solar Grown Raw Honey

My favorite snacks from this gift box was the dark chocolate sea salt almonds and solar grown raw honey. While the almonds didn’t last more than one afternoon (aimless snacking and POOF, gone!), the honey has been my go-to sweetener for my oatmeal and tea at work for weeks!

What is the most generous gift you have received from a running event sponsor? This gift from Clif Family Winery (one of the sponsors of the Napa Valley Marathon) has certainly left the bar pretty high!

Check out the Clif Family Winery for yourself! I know I can’t wait to take a trip to California to see the place in person… Be sure to follow along with Stephanie, Fallon, and Kelly for fun Napa Valley Marathon weekend updates!

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