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Getting Back to Running After Knee Injury w/Body Helix | Review

Disclaimer: I received a Full Knee Helix Compression Sleeve from Body Helix to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Well, these past couple weeks have finally marked the start of my Hospital Hill Half Marathon training cycle! Getting back to running after an injury isn’t easy…and my mind isn’t completely wrapped around trusting the process just yet.

I won’t bore your too much with my training plan (just yet at least) but I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce you to one product I have started testing in the wake of my “running comeback”.

Injury Backstory

It is worth mentioning that I had a baby in July…not an “injury” but it set me back for a bit. I started walking/jogging/running shortly thereafter with running event plans in the fall. I ran my first postpartum half marathon, KCM, mid-October and planned my first 15k, Hot Chocolate, a few weeks later. KCM went really well and I rested/recovered the following week…at least up until the accident the following Monday.

In late October I had a freak accident fall in our kitchen. I was holding a sleeping infant, making dinner for my older son, and loading the dishwasher…to make the most of my time (too much at once, clearly). As I bent from the sink to the dishwasher to load the last dish, my right knee collapsed from under me and I went spinning to the floor. In the fall, my arm guarded the baby from taking any impacts from the fall — but my knee and dishwasher door weren’t so lucky.

I went to our on-site clinic at work the next morning. We weren’t sure what exactly happened to my knee and we decided to utilize R.I.C.E. for a couple weeks to see if it would help before seeing the sports doc a couple weeks later. After the initial waiting time, feeling much better and light walking/jogging, I decided to walk/jog/run the Hot Chocolate 5K (dropped from the 15K thankfully). While the event went well, I wasn’t truly the 100% I thought I was and the miles really inflamed my knee again…

The following week I met with the sports med doc…and after x-rays and an MRI it was determined that I had dislocated my knee cap in the fall. With an official diagnosis, I started the R.I.C.E. process again for a longer term to help my ligaments regain their strength.

No winter running. No freezing my everything off outside while giving my knee the time off it deserved…

So when the opportunity popped up to test out a Body Helix product, the Full Knee Compression Sleeve was exactly what I wanted and needed to try!

Getting Back to Running After Knee Injury w/Body Helix | Review

Coming back from injury, every little twitch or niggle makes me internally freak out a little — thinking that my knee is going to crumble again. Since I started using the Body Helix Full Knee Compression Sleeve, my mind has been calmed because I know that my leg has the support it needs to get me through my training and day-to-day activities.

Per the Body Helix website, the Full Knee Compression Sleeve is best used for :

Sprains and injuries including minor sprains to the medial and lateral stabilizing knee ligaments. Also, comfort with knee compression is achieved for minor meniscus, anterior and posterior knee or patellar injuries.

Dislocating my knee cap meant that my knee ligaments were over stretched and need some extra support as well as TIME to heal. I had been using a brace (off and on) since November, but flexible compression is something that I have been wanting to try as I got back into running.

The Body Helix Full Knee Compression Sleeve has been the easiest tool to keep my mind at ease and let my body build back up the miles :

  • pain relief – medical grade compression (20-30 mmHG)
  • no slip – stays in place and doesn’t slip around on my leg; also no curling due to my thighs being larger than my knee (which is AMAZING!)
  • high stretch – up to 300% stretch which allows for comfortable compression and no movement restrictions like typical knee braces
  • machine wash/dry for easy cleaning

Even on my first trail run, my legs felt great and I didn’t worry about tweaking my knee through the rough terrain.

Now that I have been out of the running game for a couple months, I feel like I am starting at the beginning…and I am needing to seriously work on both my physical and mental games. As long as I am wearing my Body Helix Full Knee Compression Sleeve, I am gaining confidence in my abilities.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Back to Running After Knee Injury w/Body Helix | Review

  1. I’m really glad that the Helix knee support is working well for you. I could tell that not being able to get out and run/walk was starting to slowly drive you insane! Hopefully things get back to normal super soon so that you can start running your booty off and also train for the Tour de Bier with me! I really think you’ll have a blast cruising through downtown KC and swigging a few choice beers! 😀


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t wait for my body to get back into the groove of moving more often…it is sure slow going to start this training cycle. I am also excited to hopefully be able to cycle with you a little more. I am the turtle of the pack, but if you’ll have me, I would join you anytime ❤


      1. Well of course! When we ride this weekend (hopefully bad weather stays away), then you can set the pace and I’ll just ride beside or behind you. I think you’ll have a lot of fun!

        Liked by 1 person

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