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Garden Show + lazy days | Weekend Happenings (Double Edition)

Yeah yeah yeah…I am good at forgetting to post our Weekend Happenings. While a little image heavy, this is the essence of the past two weekends!!


Last Friday

img_1679Since the hubs came back into town Thursday evening, I was able to hit the gym Friday morning before work – 4 interval miles and 6 easy, Netflix watching miles – perfect way to start the day!

Since the weather is nice today, I planned on going for a lunch run as well…nothing like 70 degree temps in February!! Before lunch, we were e-mailed that we could take off work a couple hours early…so I left around 3pm!

Once I finished my Friday afternoon errand, I hit the park and the trails! There were a lot of cars out at the park and the trail head – so I wasn’t sure what I was going to run into on the trail.

Timg_1718here were a lot of bikers on the trail…but none of them came up behind me – they all came towards me. Everyone was nice about sharing the trail! There were little families, groups of bikers and/or runners, and a bunch of people just milling around…

Around mile 4.9, I headed down the street to go pick up little man from the babysitter. He really enjoys walking to the park and playing on the playground 🙂 So this was our plan! With all the extras in tow, we walked over to the park, played on the swings, played with the wheels, and went down the slides 🙂

We headed to McDonald’s for a quick dinner – chicken nuggets are his fave – so we could then take Pai for a walk for the evening!


Paisley is always crazy on her leash – but with my new Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner leash, I can now take control! You can read my review on this weeks Weekly Workout + Stunt Puppy Review post!

Once we got home, it was time to wind down and relax. Little man and I painted, played with play dough, and ate come carrots while watching a little TV.

Bedtime came soon after – and this tired momma hit the sack as well!

Good day. Good night!

Last Saturday

Lazy day!! Went for a morning run, ate some meals, prepped some meals, took some naps, did some laundry, read some books, headed to bed…

Last Sunday

While Saturday was fairly lazy, we had some fun plans for Sunday! My day started out at the Konza with my running buddy Michelle 🙂 

A Konza sunrise on the trail – the best way to start the day!!

After the run, I met up with the hubs and little man for some breakfast! 



After breakfast, we headed to Topeka for the Garden Show! I won a couple tickets on Facebook earlier in the week…so off we went!!


We had a less than stellar lunch at Blind Tiger and stopped by Happy Basset to try some new brews! I ended up leaving the hubs in Topeka (for a couple hours the rest of the day and evening) so little man and I could head home and get in some napping time.


Once we got home, we cuddled up with a movie and hung out the rest of the evening 🙂 After a little while, I got a call for dinner – the cousins were frying up some fish and dinner was served soon after!! We hung out with family, ate some good food, watched some TV, and headed home! 

Good day. Good night!



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This Past Friday

Weekends start on Friday..Fri-YAY!! Started with a morning trail run and a mid-day trail run 🙂

After work, I went to get little man – and the weather was AWESOME!! I couldn’t decide what to do…so we stopped by a little playground by our house 🙂

Before if got dark, we headed home, ate some dinner, hung out, and went to bed 🙂

This Past Saturday

img_2318I am not sure what it is about a Saturday morning run, but I am ALWAYS (or seemingly always) able to get out of bed when my alarm goes off… Sometimes during the week, I really don’t care and use the snooze. There is something about a Saturday morning run… Maybe, I just know that if I don’t get it at 4 am, it just isn’t going to happen!! With the hubs working, and little man being a little man, any mileage over 3 miles is NOT going to happen unless I am out the door SUPER EARLY.

While my ultimate goal is to be back from my run, bathed, and ready to “mom” the rest of the day, I am not always successful… Today was another one of those days. 

We colored, watched some TV, ate some meals, took naps, and played outside. 

We were invited to a get-together at one of the cousins houses for the evening 🙂 Watching all the little guys and gals growing up together is so much fun!

This Past Sunday

img_2399While my alarm went off at zero-dark-thirty, I decided to go back to bed 🙂 This is the one day that I can get a little help with little man, and I would rather not run that early.

Another silly thing happened…when little man got up, he started calling for daddy to come and get him up! I haven’t been home when this happens – and the hubs says that it happens often! That was too cute…and it meant that I didn’t need to get out of bed 🙂

Before I knew it, little man was running up to me excited that I was home! He thought I was out running or that it was Monday and he needed to go to daycare…silly kid!

We got up, got dressed, played with play dough, painted, meal prepped for the week, and before long it was nap time for little man! Talk about stalling…I wanted to get out and run while he was down for a nap, but he wanted another hug and kiss, then he wanted another drink, then he wanted socks on his feet, then more hugs/kisses,…and the list goes on!

When I was finally able to break away, I was on my way to the Konza! The parking lot was PACKED! 50 cars packed…when there is usually less than a handful when I am out there! While there were a lot of cars, I really didn’t run into all that many people while I was out on the trails. There were just as many cars, if not more, when I left…so I am not sure where everyone was 🙂

When I got home, little man was hysterical… It was sad to see! I guess he had been crying uncontrollably since the time that I left and nothing the hubs was doing was helping… I am not sure what was going through either of their minds…but good thing I came home, for everyone’s sake! 

Before long, I took little man and the pup out for a little walk around the block while the hubs made dinner.


While the day didn’t seem all that long to me, I am sure that the fit that little man had made the day go on forever for the hubs. While saying “welcome to my life” didn’t go over well, it may have been a small taste to the crying that happens some days…

Good day. Good night!

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures? 

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8 thoughts on “Garden Show + lazy days | Weekend Happenings (Double Edition)

  1. Gotta love when the dads have to fend for themselves for a bit. The same thing happens with my husband. I know it makes him appreciate me and the hard work I do. Not that it’s hard – but there are definitely times when the kids run me ragged!


  2. Hooray for such a fun active week Lindsey! Nothing like a little man sitting on a big tractor – so cute:) These running temps must feel like a real treat right now – nothing wrong with 70 degrees in the middle of February!! Enjoy the rest of your week Lindsey! Happy running!


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