October Runfessions

Time for Runfessions, I need to get out and clear my head. What are your Runfessions? They are little of big confessions about running.

Cleanse your sweaty soul (or soles) by posting your run- gym- and swimfessions on your blog and link back! Then visit Marcia’s Healthy Slice to add your post to the linkup.

When are they: The last Friday of the month!


My Runfessions for October:

  • I have not been running as much as I would like the second ½ of the month. My last ½ marathon took a little more out of me than I expected…and the cold snap (30-40 degree mornings) does not make a morning run appealing, yet…
  • I need new shoes but have yet to find the time to try new shoes at the local running store – MUST. MAKE. TIME.
  • I have been cheating on running with Insanity DVD workouts (cross training?) – The plus, I have already felt stronger with the miles I have put in since starting!
  • I am nervous about how this winter is going to go with running in the snow – my first true training/running winter! Any tips?
  • I am super excited for my last ½ marathon of the year in a couple weeks – but I am super nervous about the cold! I have not run in the super cold to this point…
  • It is really hard for me to take an actual rest day. I always want to get out and run…plus, my kid begs for stroller rides. Maybe I will just walk with him on said “rest” days…

Tell me your Runfessions!

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2 thoughts on “October Runfessions

  1. Winter running is awesome! I embarked on it last year – and it was an AWFUL winter, but I loved it! As long as you have a well-paved trail, it’s not so bad! Some people wear Yaktraks…I was tempted to buy last year but ended up okay without them.

    That’s great you’re doing Insanity – so important to cross-train! I need to get a good routine going myself!


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