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running + farmers market + halloween


Monday- I was able to get up early enough to get out for my run, but I just cleaned up around the house until it was too late. Rather than do nothing at all, I got a quick 30-40 minute sweat session with Shaun T and his Plyometric Cardio Circuit gang! After work, it was just too nice out to not go for a run – so I strapped the little guy in and went for a nice stroller run – 5.25mi


Tuesday- …again with the morning “routine” – met up with Shaun T and the Cardio Power & Resistance group before work.

Wednesday- The weather station says that it is 35 degrees out…I am not quite mentally ready for running in the cold yet, sad day! So, I started the day with Shaun T and the Cardio Recovery team and went for a nice, warmer lunch run – 4.25mi


Thursday- Started like the other mornings with Shaun T and the Pure Cardio group and took another nice lunch run – 4mi

Friday- total rest day (few and far between!)

Saturday- While the weather SAID that it was going to be in the 30s this morning, it ended up being close to 50degrees! I met up with the Manhattan Running Club for a 5:30am 6mi loop. My training said that I needed to get in 1:30 workout – so I did the loop once, ran to the park, then around the park twice, and back to my car – 9mi total. Great way to start the busy weekend! – 9mi

Sunday- I took it easy most of the day – stuck around home. Took little man for a walk to a cousin’s house (2.1mi) for dinner and the MLB Game 5 of the World Series – #GoRoyals! #TakeTheCrown

Weekly Training Miles: 24.6mi


I am certainly a creature of habit and consistency. This works in my favor when it comes to weekly meal prepping and planning. As long as I can prep a little on the weekend, I can throw my lunch together pretty fast in the morning!

Breakfast- morning protein shake

Morning Snack- yogurt, PB, and an apple

Lunch- chicken breast, green beans, carrots & ranch

Afternoon Snack- cottage cheese, cucumber, hummus

Dinner- anything that I prepped over the weekend or make on a whim!

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was one for the books! I was in the kitchen most of the weekend, or at least it felt that way.

The little man and I went to the Farmer’s Market first thing Saturday morning and picked up quite a haul – apples, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, mini cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. I spent the rest of the day figuring out what to make!

  • Green beans – trimmed, cleaned, seasoned – into the crockpot for 8hours – 8 cups
  • Green beans – trimmed, cleaned, chopped, blanched, iced, dried, vacuum sealed, and into the freezer – 8 cups (between Saturday and Sunday)
  • Apple Butter – peeled, cored, and grated apples, crockpot for 4hours, then blended smooth and back to the crock pot for 4hours, cooled overnight – canned in the morning – 4- ½ pints
  • Zucchini Apple Bread (mini muffins) in the oven

Sunday morning- I surely slept in! With the daylight saving time change, little man and I slept in WAY longer that we would any other day! I guess I needed the extra Zzzzs!

  • Chicken, carrots, zucchini – into the crockpot for 4hours
  • Sweet Potatoes – cleaned, chopped, seasoned, and into the crockpot for 4hours
  • Apple Banana Bread in the oven

Halloween Happenings

I decided that since little man’s frog costume (from last year) was a little on the small side, we would see what his closet would provide. There were several pieces of camo and with the addition of a new orange stocking hat; we had ourselves a little hunter J

Thursday- At my work, GTM Sportswear they had a haunted office area set up with all sorts of games and treat stops. We walked around the Haunted Offices, played games, colored pictures, saw new and old faces, and collected candy and treats!


Friday- The local mall, Manhattan Town Center, has a trick or treat event set up – as well as the downtown shopping strip – Poyntz Avenue. Since it was raining, we opted to stay in the mall. The trick and treating was going great until little man saw the cars in the food court… He was so happy to be playing in them for 15+ minutes, but at this rate, we were never going to get out of there! SO, I did what any other sane mother would do, I took my kid out of the little yellow bus, kicking and screaming (yet drowned out by the rest of the mall noise)…poor guy! He was upset for a little bit, but nothing I couldn’t handle.



Saturday- We met up with the cousins at a church Trunk and Treat event, had dinner, treated, and then started walking the neighborhood. Little man was great and walked the whole time (until the last 3 minutes to the car)! I was just glad that we didn’t have a post sugar meltdown in the middle of the sidewalk!



Here’s to a new week! Check out the other link-ups with Holly and Tricia!


How was your Halloween adventures? Did you trick or treat? Or did you hand out candy?

What is your best Halloween memory?

What is your favorite crockpot recipe?

4 thoughts on “running + farmers market + halloween

  1. I somehow missed you last week! I’m so sorry! Welcome! I so glad you joined in. Your little man is adorable! I did not give out Halloween candy for the first time ever! I was a little bummed about it too. I have a very easy recipe. Put chicken breasts in the crock pot and top with about half a jar of your favorite salsa – mango, peach, pineapple, whatever. Cook all day on low. Serve with Uncle Ben’s rice (in the pouch that cooks 90 seconds in the microwave). Quick and simple!


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