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January Goals – update

New Year. New goals and resolutions.

So, I thought that starting a monthly post about my fitness/life goals. Starting at the beginning of the month, I am going to set in stone my goals – and then report back at the end of the month with my successes and…lack of successes.



January Goals – UPDATE

  • Run 5 days a week (or as marathon training dictates)

Mission Accomplished! As seen on my “picture a day for running” proves that I ran more than 5 days a week 🙂


  • Continue long runs on the weekend – Saturday group runs are a great opportunity to connect with other runners (since I am a solo runner)

Minus my late morning wake-ups, I have been able to run with the group a couple times this month!

  • Cross train 1-2 times a week  (or as marathon training dictates)

While the marathon training plan only has cross training once a week to this point, it looks like I will be adding more of these workouts in the following months! In any case, I have found that more plyometric workouts help me so much when it comes to pace and cadence! I am going to try and fit more of these workouts in – whether or not the training plan calls for it!

  • Yoga and/or deep stretching whenever possible – 10+ minutes, everyday if possible!

While I try stretching and yoga most days, I need to make it more of a routine…wake up, stretch a little, go about my day, stretch or yoga before bed, etc.

  • Foam roll 5+ minutes daily

I have become friends with my foam roller and stick – but I need to be better about taking the time to roll all over – and not just the trouble areas…

  • Walk 75,000 steps each week

My daily step goal is 10K – so making sure to get 75,000 each week means I need more than my daily goal to make it happen! Even though my Garmin was acting up and not transferring my information for over 5 days, I still was able to come close or far exceed my goals!

Week 1 – 11K average daily – 77.5K weekly
Week 2 – 13K average daily – 91K weekly
Week 3 – 10.5K average daily (missing 3 days, including a long run) – 73K recorded in 4 days
Week 4 – 11.5K average daily (missing 2.5 days) – 81K weekly 

  • Run 100 miles this month

I was able to run 178 miles in January! I am so proud of these miles! There were a few months last year that I was able to run more miles (June – August in 2015) but I was in the THICK of training… I am excited to see how the miles go this year!

  • Feed my body in the best ways possible – find what works without digestive distress

I am still learning about what best fuels my body. I KNOW that I need and want to cut down my “processed sugar” intake…I just need to find ways to make my meals and snacks stick with me a little longer in the day. The afternoon and evening munchies are KILLER to my success!

  • Stick to the marathon training plan (as much as humanly possible) for my first full marathon in spring 2016 – Garmin Marathon

YES! I am so glad that I have been able to stick to my training plan as best I can! While there are days that I have been running more than scheduled or adding a cross training session here or there, the plan as a whole has been easy to follow!

  • Record miles weekly for 2016 in 2016 and the 2016 Gold Challenge!

As I mentioned before, I recorded 178 running miles in the month of January – this is 10+ miles over the average monthly total needed to complete this challenge! Whoop!

Did you meet your goals for this first month of the new year? What are you going to change next month? Any sugar cutting tricks you would like to share with a sugar junkie?

Are you prepping for any upcoming races?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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