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must haves for my first 100m | part 1

As my world slowly revolves more and more around my first 100 miler, I am all but consumed with the thought of forgetting something – likely something mildly important…

So I am going to have a series of blog posts leading up to the main event go over some of the must-haves for my first 100 miler. While some pieces are like “duh Lindsey…of course you are going to need THAT”, I can always use the extra note to remember  ♥ 


Five things to be sure to have ready for your first 100 miler (part 1) :

kit (bra, shorts, socks, shoes) + extras (hat, wrap)

While I am still not set on the specific garments I will be using, I might be a step closer after this weekend’s long miles! I know the basics that I am going to need – with a few backups with my crew in case of any “accidents” (of whatever nature you could think of) and fresh gear for a fresh feeling at any time.


I am not sure where I would be without my trusty running watch! I currently use the Garmin FR935 and plan to use it for the Hawk. I DO NOT plan on utilizing the UltraTrac mode from previous experience – and I will instead carry a battery pack later in the race.


Lube. Lube. Lube. Bring all the lube! I actually need to order some more of my favorite Pjuractive 2 Skin – I am running low and I will probably need a small stock of it for the race! Legs. Arms. Bra line. Feet. Neck…you name it, I will probably need to lube it.

bug spray / pretreat

After last weekend’s bug spray debacle – crazy rash after deet application (and reapplication) in the sun/heat – I am looking for other bug repellants. I have a cream that I am going to test this weekend…but I think I am going to need more non-deet backups. What is your deet-free bug spray of choice?

hydration vest

Related image

My trusty Nathan’s Vapor Howe will be making the trek around Clinton Lake (4 times in fact). I won this pack last year in the Ginger Runner Gingermas Run Hunt (timestamp 27:40) and I haven’t looked back!

While I might think about getting a bladder for the back pouch, I mostly just need to update my Hydrapak bottles. They have started leaking…and I don’t feel like being wet and sticky all day from leaky bottles…

That is all for today!!

While this series (or most of it up to part 4) is already written and queued up for publishing, let me know what your race day must haves are! Maybe they are already on the list – or they can make up part 5 ♥

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!
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