must haves for first 100m | part 2

As my world slowly revolves more and more around my first 100 miler, I am all but consumed with the thought of forgetting something – likely something mildly important…

So I am going to have a series of blog posts leading up to the main event go over some of the must-haves for my first 100 miler. While some pieces are like “duh Lindsey…of course you are going to need THAT”, I can always use the extra note to remember  ♥ 

Check out must haves for first 100m | part 1

Last Friday, I posted part 1 of my must haves for my first 100m (check out the link above!). These first must haves are as follows : 

  • kit (bra, shorts, socks, shoes) + extras(hat, wrap)
  • watch
  • lube (update – I ordered a new bottle and it should be here in a couple days, thank goodness!)
  • bug spray / pretreat (update – I didn’t realize that one of the pre-treatments I use has DEET, whoops! Broke out again after last weekend’s 35-miler. Back to the drawing board!)
  • hydration vest (update – the hubs is getting me an early birthday present and got me some new bottles for my pack – wonderful!)

Five things to be sure to have ready for your first 100 miler (part 2) :

head lamp 

With the first few miles in the dark, a head lamp will be pretty important. Also, I will be running the entire day and into the following night (likely all night), so having a headlamp that has great battery life will be key! I am not sure when/where I will drop off my headlamp (to possibly be recharged), but that will likely be on the agenda for my crew 🙂 

fuel + electrolytes

Image result for food gifA runner cannot live on water alone – although we may sometimes try. Between Tailwind and other electrolyte beverages in my bottles, I will be keeping my fueling steady throughout the race. 

real food!

…and in addition to Tailwind, I will be sampling the selection of aid station food. The Hawk is know for “flipping” their aid stations after dark from sweet treats to more savory options. Watermelon and sugary snacks to warm soup – I can dig it!

portable charger w/needed cords (watch, phone, etc.)

One (or more) essentials is a portable charger! I know my Garmin FR935 has an UltraTrac mode, but this is not the time to be testing it out…I mean, maybe it is, but I would rather not. In that case, I will likely need to charge my watch WHILE I am running…the handy little MyCharge I have will work great for this!

Run Gum

You will rarely catch me without Run Gum in my hydration pack, pocket, or purse…I (as well as my crew) will be sporting some though the night for sure! Use the discount code “lindseym” for a nice discount online!


That’s all for now! Come back over on Friday for more additions to the list! Let me know what is on your must have race day list  ♥

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!
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