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final details for the Hawk100 | Thinking Out Loud

Always remember, a good trail story :

“Things were going pretty good until…”

“…and then things started to get better.”

Heading into the final days (yes…actually the final hours!!) before my first 100 miler, I have so many thoughts… So I just figured I would go over my final must haves, race details, race plans, crew details, and all-over race prep. This one is a doozy…so settle in for the brain vomit overload!


full list of must haves

If you have followed along the past couple weeks, you have seen this ever-growing list before! I covered my must haves for my first 100m in part 1, part 2, part 3part 4 and part 5 leading up to the main event in a COUPLE DAYS. While some pieces are like “duh Lindsey…of course you are going to need THAT”, I can always use the extra note to remember  ♥  Running 100 miles could be as easy as lace up and go…but not this time!

  • kit (bra, shorts, socks, shoes) + extras (hat, wrap)
  • watch
  • lube
  • bug spray / pretreat
  • hydration vest
  • head lamp
  • electrolytes
  • real food!
  • portable charger
  • Run Gum x4567 ♥
  • ginger chews
  • headphones – Aftershokz, duh
  • visual motivation – Karma Ring Co
  • blister care
  • additional headlamp…
  • more extensive medical kit – hello Melanie!
  • additional bottles and fluids ready for me
  • another portable charger
  • more clothes – changes of clothes for various stages of the event
  • bright shining smiles, encouraging words, and lots of positive vibes!!
  • roller (stick and R8)
  • socks, socks, socks
  • ice bandana
  • more lube…
  • the best, kick ass and take names attitude!!

additional suggestions (reinforcements) from the gallery


While the weather is waning, I will be ready for SUN! I have 2 pair of Knockaround that I may be sporting at any point of the race…


While I put my 2 rollers on part 5, I thought this would be good to make sure it was included again for reinforcement purposes. I was told by my pacer to make my husband my personal roller-outter…and since his task list is adding up, this is an important one! Keeping my legs as loose as possible will keep me moving well for longer!

look up and around!

When the times get tough, because they WILL, just stop (don’t ACTUALLY stop, but keep moving forward) and take a minute to look around! These trails are beautiful – with the bug noises, water splashing, trees rustling, snakes slithering (blehh….) – the joy of being in pure nature can bring you out of a funk.

this is what you signed up for…

After all…yep. 

light jacket

Per my pacer suggestion, I will be packing a light jacket for the evening hours…

rain jacket

Per the ever changing weather, I will be packing up a couple different raincoat options… One has a liner in case I am getting too cold. One is a single layer and lighter. All HOPES is that the rain will stay at bay, but who knows what will happen… BE PREPARED!


…duh. I would have forgot if I didn’t put it down.

OM Transition Wrap

Between Michelle and Melanie (crew boss ladies), they will be setting me up with an Orange Mud Transition Wrap so I am not flashing EVERYONE when I decide to change my clothes…

race details

As you may know already, the Hawk 100 is located on the trails at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, KS. You might even find a familiar face on page 2 of the runner/crew/volunteer guide with a certain little man ♥ Here is a little more detail about the course and aid stations :

Course Map

My goal for the race (and for my crew) is to run aid station to aid station and go from there. Please don’t tell me “you’re almost there” or I might cut your ear off… It is going to be a long day (and night), so just knowing where I can see some semblance of civilization again (hello AMAZING aid stations) will help me break down the MASSIVE distance into manageable parts.

race plans

Currently, with the thought that we would still be on the trails (rain rain go away!), my time estimates are as follows (yes, I stated my times before, but those were the “worst case” within the finishing time or 32 hours); I can hope and pray that I will finish sooner! :

A Goal : Finish in 30 hours or less
B Goal : Finish between 30-32 hours
C Goal : Finish in 32 hours

My game plan is that the loops will average out to 7.5 hours. This would mean that the first couple loops would be a little faster and the later loops like likely be slower (hello ultra shuffle). Here are some POSSIBLE loop times, I just hope that my non-running crew will be able to make better estimations as the time goes on :

Loop1- 6am-1:30pm (goal : 6-7 hours)
Loop2- 4:30pm-9pm (goal : 6-7 hours)
Loop3- 9pm-4:30am (goal : 8-9 hours)
Loop4- 4:30am-12pm (goal : 8-9 hours) 

aid station details

The plus of a looped course is that we will hit the same aid stations several times. Each loop starts at the start/finish aid station, run through the Lands End aid station, then on to the West Park Road aid. Once you take a grassy stroll through the Goodwin loop, you are back at the West Park Road aid station (second pass), then through Lands End (second pass), and back to the start/finish. Rinse (not jinxing it) and repeat 4 times – easy peasy!

Start/Finish (0) + 4.5 to next aid

  • Special instructions : fill up Tailwind bottle before the race start at 6am; grab some early coffee and find a bathroom 

Land’s End (4.5) + 6 to next aid

  • Fuel : aid station fare
  • Special instructions : grab and go!

    • Quick-and-dirty sock change (as needed)

West Park Road (10.5) + 2.5 to next aid

  • Fuel : aid station fare
  • Special instructions : I plan to drop off my hydration pack and grab my pre-filled handhelds for the Goodwin Loop;
    • fill one handheld bottle with Tailwind from the aid station and second handheld bottle with water
    • put a pack of Honey Stinger chews (from the aid station) of whatever flavor in one of the handheld pockets
    • my phone will go in the other handheld pocket
      • Loop1- grab my headlamp and stick it on a charger; will grab in loop2
      • Loop3/4– possibly pick up different pacer for Goodwin loop
      • Loop4- remove my headlamp from my pack; there should be enough daylight that I no longer need the headlamp

West Park Road (13) + 5.5 to next aid

  • Fuel : aid station fare
  • Special instructions : Upon arriving, I will switch out my handhelds for my pre-filled hydration pack (above)
    • fill up front bottles with Tailwind from the aid station and the hydration bladder with water;
    • 2 Honey stinger waffles of various flavors in the left front pocket;
    • ginger chews and jolly ranchers in the right front pocket (possibly in a plastic baggie depending on the weather/sweat factor)
      • Loop2- give me back my headlamp, I will likely need it before finishing the loop
      • Loop3/4drop off Goodwin pacer, pick up main pacer Wael (if other pacer was used for Goodwin loop)
  • Change socks as needed on the second pass of the West Park Road aid station – the Goodwin loop is grassy, so there isn’t much point in changing before (as needed – see “sock change” below for more details)

Land’s End (18.5) + 6.5 to next aid

  • Fuel : aid station fare – grab a couple Honey Stinger for the long-ish trek back to the S/F
  • Special instructions : grab and go!
    • Quick-and-dirty sock change (as needed)

Start/Finish (25) + 4.5 to next aid

  • Fuel : aid station fare
  • Special instructions : Drop off my pack/bottles to be filled by my crew, in and out as soon as we can!
    • fill up front bottles with Tailwind from the aid station and the hydration bladder with water;
    • 2 Honey stinger waffles of various flavors in the left front pocket;
    • ginger chews and jolly ranchers in the right front pocket (possibly in a plastic baggie depending on the weather/sweat factor)
    • Change socks (as needed – see “sock change” below for more details)
      • Loop3– pick up pacer Wael for the next 2 loops

additional aid station needs 

While I am completely aware that the aid stations are going to be H.E.C.T.I.C., I have overall goals of the things that will be taken care of when I get to see my crew (other than changing hydration & snacks) :

  • bug spray ankles
  • sunscreen shoulders
  • Roll legs (R8, stick, towel or blanket, etc.)
    • I can totally do the R8 on my own, but if the Stick is needed, then I will likely need something to lay on and someone else to roll me out. Oh yeah!
  • Lube on thighs (refresh as needed) – again, I can use my own hands for this one 
  • Sock change
    • If there is rain, there will be more of a need to change my socks and change them more often
    • Sequence : remove wet shoes/socks, dry feet, check for hot spots/blisters (deal with said issues), then wipe with alcohol wipes, dry, lube, new socks, (likely) wet shoes, and GO!
  • Photographer – hello hubs!
  • Switch out Aftershokz (if used AT ALL in the loop) at the Start/Finish (bit have available at West Park Road just in case…)
    • Air – 6 hour run time
    • Titanium – 8 hour run time
  • Portable Chargers (switch out chargers at start/finish)
    • I am not sure on timing with this one…but I plan to keep one charger on me from the start…I will likely need to change it out at the start/finish aid station, but it would be good to keep them on hand at West Park Road as well.
      • Watch cord
      • iPhone cord
  • inhaler (if needed)
  • clean wipes – to clean body, arms, legs, armpits, etc. if needed depending on the weather

Image result for food gif

Fueling :

  • Honey stinger (waffles, chews, gels, etc.) – aid station provided (race sponsor)
  • Tailwind (liquid fuel) – aid station provided (race sponsor)
  • Bars (cliff bar, nugo bar, etc.)
  • coffee…  (race sponsor)
  • Big Slice Apples (with spoon) – bringing along for the ride
  • Aid Station fare : basically anything on the table; watermelon, sandwich, soup, snacks…yum!

I cannot believe how fast the past 9 months (since registered as a gift from the hubs) and 20 weeks (training schedule) have flown by! I knew the summer would go by fast…and I enjoyed many, many miles on the road and trail with friends near and far! I’m excited to FINALLY embark on this 100 mile adventure! 


I want to thank my amazing husband Matt for “gifting” me this opportunity to experience the 100 mile distance. The time and energy it takes to train and run 100 miles is no small feat and he has taken most of this in stride. Thank you for letting me be a homebody on Friday nights and sleep on Sundays ♥ I can’t get by without thanking my wonderful in-laws for watching little man while I run on the weekends. Their support is critical for me to get in those long training runs – and little man is always excited to spend time in KC with his family! I also want to thank my pacer Wael for flat out telling me that he was going to pace me for my first 100 last year (before I even ran my first 50 miler). We are going to have lots of fun on the trails and I am excited to see how you can push me to the finish line! And a final thank you to my lovely ride-or-die RBFs Michelle and Melanie! While I don’t always get to share the miles with them, their insight and guidance is always welcome and I know they are going to give me the support I need to get through the tough miles this weekend!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!
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