must haves for first 100m | part 4

As my world slowly revolves more and more around my first 100 miler, I am all but consumed with the thought of forgetting something – likely something mildly important…

So I am going to have a series of blog posts leading up to the main event go over some of the must-haves for my first 100 miler. While some pieces are like “duh Lindsey…of course you are going to need THAT”, I can always use the extra note to remember  ♥ 

Check out must haves for first 100m | part 3

Last Friday I posted part 3 of my must haves for my first 100m (check out the link above!). This list is really growing legs fast…and here is the quick list of the first three parts of my must haves : 

  • kit (bra, shorts, socks, shoes) + extras(hat, wrap)
  • watch
  • lube
  • bug spray / pretreat
  • hydration vest
  • head lamp
  • electrolytes
  • real food!
  • portable charger
  • Run Gum
  • ginger chews
  • headphones – Aftershokz, duh
  • visual motivation – Karma Ring Co
  • blister care
  • additional headlamp…

This time around, my five things to be sure to have ready for your first 100 miler is more focused on my crew (part 4) :

  • more extensive medical kit – and Melanie!
  • additional bottles and fluids ready for me
  • another portable charger – switch out as needed (and recharge)
  • more clothes – change to refresh…more socks…and possibly shoes
  • bright shining smiles, encouraging words, and lots of positive vibes!! (even when I am sore, tired, not very nice to you and want to give up)

Let me know what your race day must haves are! Maybe I have already covered them on a previous list – or they can make up next week’s part 5 ♥

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!
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4 thoughts on “must haves for first 100m | part 4

  1. I’m so excited for you! I crewed for a friend at the Leadville 100m and even that was intense! So much stuff! So many places to be! So many PB M&Ms! All the best in these final days!

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