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gifts for the everyday runner | TRE Inspired

While the giving season is coming to a close, we can always find a reason to give gifts to friends and family! But if you are a runner or have been for a few years (or more!), you likely have “all of the running things” which makes you a hard person to shop for… Let’s explore Vooray, Arcanum Edge, Nuun Hydration, and Addaday! #bibchat

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sleeping better with iKOR + Weekly Workouts (or lack thereof)

While I keep my days FULL, I don’t feel like I am an overly anxious person — but when it comes to relaxing after a long day, sleep does not always come easy. For this reason, I decided to use iKOR in one dose at bedtime. By adding iKOR to my evening routine for the past few of weeks, I have seen some major improvements in my sleep. #bibchat #ikorbr

BibRave Pro · Product Review · Reviews

recover with NOW® Sports BCAA Big 6 | Product Review

When it comes to refuelling and rehydrating, one of the supplements I have used throughout my training is BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. I was given the opportunity to try the BCAA Big 6 product from Now Foods as a BibRave Pro. Knowing more about the company and their dedication to safe, clean products made me real excited! #bibchat #nowbr