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summer session w10 | Weekly Workouts

Since I started mixing up weekend workouts due to pacing the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon last weekend, this week’s easier workouts suited me well… But it means that I will be getting a “nice” long run this weekend… Phew, what a week! Weekly Workouts Monday- easy morning run with Angie (6 miles) (21,807 steps) View… Continue reading summer session w10 | Weekly Workouts

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summer session w1 | Weekly Workouts

This week’s workouts changed a little since I moved from a training plan with “5-workout” weeks to “7 workout” weeks. All it REALLY translates to is having a little more choice when it comes to my workouts. Quite a few of the days can be either a more intense run (like an interval run or… Continue reading summer session w1 | Weekly Workouts

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marathon training w9

This week was a little different – I was feeling exhausted – mentally and physically – and couldn’t find the willpower-desire-motivation to get out and run a couple of days! I switched around some of my mid-week workouts and forfeited my interval run on Tuesday (even though I WANTED to make it up a different day). Oh well,… Continue reading marathon training w9