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Well, this isn’t my last pacing weekend for FOREVER, just for 2017… Since my marathon last month, I just haven’t gotten into a good groove with “training”. Since there isn’t too much I can “train for” between races, I have just been recovering, running when I can or have the motivation to, and “conserving my energy” for this weekend! At least that’s what I tell myself…

Did you check out my blog post last Friday about the open BibRave Pro applications? If you are reading this, you should probably check it out : )

Weekly Workout

winter 26.2 training w2 | Weekly Workouts

What a week! While I am not generally a fair-weather runner, some days it just feels better to head inside! I didn’t spend much time at the gym this week… Nice weather keeps me wanting to spend more time outside! I enjoy getting my workouts completed in the morning…but on a great day, I might… Continue reading winter 26.2 training w2 | Weekly Workouts

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virtual races + pacing + busy weekend | TOLT

Wow,…that long weekend has really thrown me off my game this week…there is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂 virtual races I hope that we have all heard about virtual running events by now… If not, virtual running events are a great way to be involved in… Continue reading virtual races + pacing + busy weekend | TOLT

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another week, another run | Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts Monday- no workout Tuesday- 2.5 morning miles between rain storms – not every run is going to be a PR buster or an AWESOME run…sometimes, you just beat your alarm in enough time to get in a couple miles before heading to work… View this post on Instagram I was able to get… Continue reading another week, another run | Weekly Workouts